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Conquer the Canyon

This blog post is by Bradley McGary, Asperger Initiative at Mercyhurst. Learn more about Conquer the Canyon here.

Conquer the Canyon with the Asperger Initiative at Mercyhurst (AIM) is an initiative that provides a life altering experience to see parts of Arizona and the Grand Canyon that very few ever get to see.  Although the participants get to experience so much on this journey they are providing so much more for dozens, even hundreds, of others with their efforts.  Conquer the Canyon has already achieved tremendous success is raising awareness for the initiative at Mercyhurst and the need for programs like this all over the country.  Students on the spectrum are applying to colleges and universities all over the country in record numbers.  AIM provides support, awareness, training  and educational services that ensures these students will be very successful in their academic and vocational endeavors. 

So when you sign up for Conquer the Canyon with AIM, you are not only taking a hike in one of the most spectacular places on the planet, but you are helping in providing a college education and career to a student on the spectrum.  How many people can say they accomplished that by just going for a walk. 

If you know a person living on the spectrum that likes to hike, have them join us.  We have found that for our students that are fundraising for their participation in Conquer the Canyon, they have received some of the most amazing hands-on social skills training that we have ever been able to provide.  Our social skills groups are outstanding in our opinion, but nothing compares to real life practice and asking others to support you in a mission and experience that you feel strongly about it.  Please spread the word and we would love to have as many people as we can come and Conquer the Canyon with us in May 2013!!!

Interested in joining or would like to find out more info, visit here.

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