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Easy College Fundraiser: Autism Speaks U Gear Sale!

Having an Autism Speaks U Gear Sale is a fun and easy way for college students to raise funds and awareness about autism and their campus’ involvement with Autism Speaks U.   

What is it?

Students set up a table on campus, go door to door in residence halls and/or invite friends and family to order Autism Speaks U gear. Then place orders here (items are discounted at cost for college students to fundraise with) and send the profits to the Autism Speaks U national office.

Plan the Event in 6 Easy Steps: (if part of an Autism Speaks U chapter, have the Fundraising Chair take the lead)

1. Download the Order Form

  • Download the Autism Speaks U Gear Order Form. Fill in the necessary information and distribute the form to fellow students. 
  • Note: Prices on the order form are marked up so the net proceeds (the money raised minus the cost of the gear) is donated to Autism Speaks. Click here to see what additional gear you can add to the order form and feel free to edit the pricing to best fit your campus. 

2. Set Up a Facebook Event

  • Call it “Autism Speaks U (School Name) Gear Sale!
  • Include when gear will be sold, prices and the deadline for when money and order forms are due.
  • Post a link to the order form, so students can easily print it off.
  • Invite your friends and family to the Facebook event, so they can help support your efforts! Not to mention they’ll get some cool Autism Speaks U swag!

3. Put Your Sales Hat On!

  • If part of a chapter, ask each member to sell at least $50 of gear (that’s 5 t-shirts, 10 water bottles or 25 bracelets).
  • Set up a table in a high traffic area on campus and let students know you are selling gear to fundraise for Autism Speaks.
  • Ask professors if you can make an announcement about the gear sale at the beginning or end of class.
  • Go door to door in residence halls and ask students to place an order!
  • Take the order form home on weekends and/or during holiday breaks and ask family members to place an order. Autism Speaks U gear makes great holiday gifts, and we know mom and dad would love to sport a t-shirt!

4. Collect Forms & Place Order

  • Set a specific date for when order forms and funds are due.
  • Tally up the number of each item that needs to be ordered and submit one large order at Shipping can take around 1 week.

5. Distribute Gear

  • Once the gear arrives, distribute it to everyone who placed an order.
  • Take a picture of students sporting their new Autism Speaks U swag and post it on the Autism Speaks U Facebook page.

6. Submit Funds

  • Send a check for the net proceeds (the money raised minus the cost of the gear) made out to “Autism Speaks” to the address below:

Autism Speaks
Attn: Autism Speaks U
1 East 33rd Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Connect with Autism Speaks U via its websiteFacebook and/or Twitter.

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