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Why I Walk

This blog post is by Lillian Rivera Nguyen of the Orlando Walk Now for Autism Speaks. You can visit her team page here.

I walk because I would go to the ends of the earth for my son.

I walk because I am his mother, his caregiver, his champion, his voice.

I walk because he can’t speak for himself.

I walk because he is one of the 1 in 54 boys and one of the 1 in 88 children who have autism.

I walk because there is no cure and still no reason why so many children are being diagnosed with this disorder.

I walk because I am terrified of what will happen to him when his father and I are no longer around to care for him.

I walk because he is my life, my reason for being, my only son.

I walk because I want him to be a functioning member of society one day.

I walk because I need answers.

I walk because Autism Speaks has helped so many families like mine and they need more donations to continue their efforts.

I walk because there are too many children like him in the world.

I walk because I want people to be aware of autism, and not look at my son strangely in public because he doesn’t speak.

I walk to support others fighting our same battle.

I walk because his beautiful face and laugh is contagious.

I walk because he is my inspiration and I love, adore and admire him.

I walk to help fund research into the causes, prevention and treatments for autism.

I walk so others will know that he is a loving, caring child who just can’t speak.

I walk because he is an extension of me.

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