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10 Tips for College Campus Fundraisers!

Autism Speaks U hosted a Facebook Q&A on October 10, where Autism Speaks U chapters from over 55 colleges and universities across the country shared tips and strategies for fundraising on campus. See below for the top 10 tips shared.

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1. Olivia Singleton, Armstrong Atlantic State University
“We have learned that students love to feel like they are getting something tangible in return for their donations, or at least a chance for something tangible. That is why we try to give those who donate something in return such as candy, entry into a raffle, or some form of recognition, such as their name being on a puzzle piece posted on campus.”

2. Kelly Sherman, DePaul University
We try to have our fundraisers in the busiest part of campus and throughout the busiest times as well to catch as many people as we can. For our cake walk, we had a lot of left over cake so we walked around campus selling them to students studying.”

3. Brittney Burt, University of Utah
“We have found doing fundraisers at night on the weekends gets more students involved.”

4. Lindsey McAndrew, Bloomsburg University
“Advertising is key in trying to fundraise on campus. It is important that you are personable and try to get as many people involved as possible.”

5. Hannah Khederian, Miami University, Ohio
Often times our fundraiser's are going on in busy spots on campus and people will be in a rush or not be super willing to give anyone the time-of-day. So one big tip is to give them something they are going to want to stop, listen for and ultimately make the donation. It's all about reeling them in, beyond that it's fairly easy.”

6. Sadie-Lynn Tansey, Stonehill College
Choose something that much of the student population will attend, so that you can appeal to a wide variety of students at once, show them who you are and don’t hide behind facts and telling them to donate, show them how your efforts have helped and how their efforts can help.

7. Deedi Boland, Binghamton University
“Use the power of all your chapter members, not just your e-board. For example, we have around 60 members if each of them tells 5 friends to come to an event that is 300 non-member attendees!”

8. Liz Hitzel, University of Wisconsin La Crosse
Pick a location and time when traffic is heavy when doing bake sales. This will give you more visibility and the opportunity to connect with more students. Also make sure that the presentation is neat and professional looking.”

9. Jessica Smithson, Slippery Rock University
A strategy we use is that we have a tri-fold board we have at every event saying who we are with pictures of what we have done AND STATISTICS. So we have 1 in 88 children. 1 in every 54 boys....etc. and that helps draw people in because they do not realize how much it effects children. So the WOW factor helps when fundraising on campus.”

10. Rebecca Cook, Manhattan College
“We just hosted an event called "Wake Up and Get Your Drink On" where we sold coffee tumblers and water bottles, with each purchase/donation they were able to fill up their cup. Since college students need coffee and water through the day especially with it being midterm week, we had a great turn out! I think picking unique fundraisers that will help out the students are the most effective!” 


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