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1 in 88 Can't Wait: A Special Autism Community Blog

NEW YORK (October 4, 2012) -- Autism Speaks made our "1 in 88 Can't Wait" message loud and clear at Wednesday's first Presidential debate in Denver and you made your voices heard through Facebook through post after post. Led by Grassroots Development Director Shelley Hendrix and Colorado volunteer Vicki Denhoffer, Autism Speaks spread the word in Denver that autism is an issue that cannot be avoided in this year's elections.

Here are your voices, the voices of parents, self-advocates, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles:

Cheryl Skinner  (Northeastern University) son, age 29, is one of the 1 in 88.
Karla Stamp Regas (Middlesex Community College)
My son is 1 in that 88!

Mike Bryant (Indiana)
Our son is also 1 in 88!!


Tara Johnson
 My son is 1 in that 88. A BLESSING
Amber Pierce
 My son is the 1 out of 88
Lorena Banda
 2 nephews of mine need representation.
Kisten Leslie-Olson (Littleton, CO)
Our son is 1 in 88 and we can't wait!!!!
Donna McIntyre (Florida)
 My son's 8 yrs. old & everyday I work w/ him. He's the youngest out of 3 kids.
Vickie Someday Potter (Nevada)
I am just happy to know someone is standing up for the ones that cant!!!! my son is 1 in 88
Elaine Rivera (Texas)
Thank you, my son is also 1 in 88. I am his voice and advocate everyday out here day
Jazmyn Stroud (Sacramento)
Finally someone is bringing it up! My son is 1 in 88 and we appreciate this so much!!
Lamia Haddad (Michigan)
My daughter is 28 .... She is one in 88 !

Maria Esther Posada
mine 10 year old son, is also 1 n 88...Bamos echando todas las Ganas!!


Donna Jones-Years (Atlanta)
Our son is 1 in 88!!
Janice Rivera
 My son is 1 in 88!
Heather Hipsley
 My a family with 2 members on the spectrum we thank you :)
Meghann Hodges (Franklin IN)
My son is 1 in 88!
Kelly Deitrick
 my son is 1 out of 88!
Isabel Castell Soto (Miami)
My wonderful grandson, Brandon is 1 in 88.
Leslie Gambetta
Our son is 1 in 88!!
Stacy Hensley (Glen Rose, TX)
My son is 11yrs old and he is 1 in 88

Jennifer Gray Singer (Pitt)
I have 1 in 88!


Carrie Miller Decker (Virginia)
My son is 1 and 88.
Lindle Romero
 Our son is 1 in 88!
Lisa Rippelmeyer (Florida)
My son is 1 in 88
Lisa Colon Gonzalez (New Jersey)
My son is 1 in 88....
Wendy Cruz Asmen
My son is 1 in 88!

Alex Leffingwell (Florida)
My bro Devin is 1 in 88


Sharon Rose Marks (Massachusetts)
 So is my grandson


Deborah D'Alonzo Lynch
 I have 1 in 88 and he is great!
Rita Vandiver
 My grandson is 1 in 88
Stephanie Lee Jaros (Belleville, IL)
My wonderful son is 1 in 88!
Cynthia Gonzalez (Hollister, CA)
My son is 1 in 88 and turning 11 tomorrow!
Melissa Rodas
 My son Devin is 1 of 88.

Suzanne Stoll Hartley
 Our 3 sons are 3 of 264.


Mandy Gudenkauf Commons (Kansas)
I remember when my son was 1 in 166!!
Jessica Rodriguez
 My 10 year old son is 1 in 88 and so blessed every day to have him in my life
Camille Nicholsen
My son Scott is 1 in 88....but 1 in 50 In boys alone

Erica Elizabeth
 I am 1 in 88 and I can't wait to be able to vote in the next election. ♥ "It gets better."

Dina Barbosa
Our 2 grandsons are 2/88 they are so precious
Joanie Chase Redmond
My twins are each 1 in 88.

Hope Doyle (Alabama)
My 3 y o daughter Shelby is 1n88 - on the severe side of the spectrum and even though our days can be hard she is a beautiful smart blessing-we keep fighting and spreading awareness for her and everyone with Autism—

Robert Thornton
 When my son was diagnosed with Autism the stats were 1 in 150......that was 11 years ago!
Dana Scassiferro
 My son Johnathan is 1 in 88. He strength and love amazes me. He is my hero ♥
Cindy Lijoi (New Jersey)
My son is 1 in 88. In NEW JERSEY IT IS 1 IN 49 BOYS.
Catherine Brennan Casey (Greenwood Lake, NY)
My son was 1 in 150 how sad how the numbers have changed
Silvana Stapleton
 My nephew is 1 in 88...
Shannon Nichols
 Thank Tyler is 1 in 88!
Kristylin Bishop
 Thank you!!! My superdude is 1 in 88!!
Debbie Hanson
 My 10 yr old Son is 1 in 88!
Deborah Bush
 Thanks! My Jimmy is 1 in 88 !
Cheryl Kissinger
 My son is 36. One in 88.

Jennifer Lynch (Wilmington, DE)
when my oldest was dx he was 1:10,000. Now he's 1:54 boys, and I've got 3.

Holly Williams Hollins
 My son Micah is 10 years old. Hes 1-88 effected by Autism..
MaryKate Cunningham Lesnevich (New York)
My son Griffin is 1 in 88!
Francisco Arias (Ohio)
My daughter is 1 in 88! : )
Cydney Tregob Piesto CPht
 My so Chase is 18 1st diagnosed at age 2 the numbers were 1 in 1,000 no his 1 in 88 love ya Chase , mom :)
Kelly Lynn Price
 Thank you from a mother of 2 one in 88s!
Korissa Sowers Thomason
Mother of two in 88.
Wendy Safford Hazzard
 My son is 28 and back then he was 1 -10,000

Amy Lodge McIntee (Kingwood, TX)
My two sons, ages 14 & 18, are both on the autism spectrum. In 1998 when my oldest was diagnosed at age four, I'd never heard of Asperger's Syndrome. Almost everyone I meet now knows what Asperger's is because they have a family member or friend who has a family member who has Asperger's.

Diane Reisman-Shults
 My niece is 1 in 88 - she is now 25 and needs all the help we can get.
Phillip Smith (Tulsa, OK)
My step-son and my Great Uncle have autism, thank you!
Blair Wyss
 My Sister is 1 in 88
Barbara Van De Walker (Fort Bragg, CA)
My grandson is 1 in 88.
Joanne Piddington (Madison, WI)
I'm hearing impaired & My 9 year olds son has autism.
Kari Morse (Denver)
 I have 2 sons on the spectrum, one has a dual diagnosis of autism and anxiety/ psychosis NOS, I still didn't hear the answers I am looking for, treatment, mental health care, transition services...
Maribel Zavala (Los Angeles)
 I am a single mother of a beautiful 3 year old boy with autism. Fighting to get him services has been a challenge.
Kellie Wellington (Atlanta)
My two boys Jykel and Justin are 1 in 88 can't wait...

Ruby Cazeau (Jacksonville, FL)
Good Luck and Talk for my Daughter Tasia



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