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David Finch's life with Asperger's

This post is by David Finch the author, 'The Journal of Best Practices'

It was a mild Tuesday morning in April and I was making the same breakfast I’d made every day for more than a year: eggs scrambled with cheese, oatmeal with fresh grapes—grapes help take my mind off the fact that my mouth is full of oats, which, at the risk of offending you horses out there, are truly disgusting—tea, and orange juice.  Just another morning, really, except that there was an NBC news crew standing in my kitchen, filming everything I was doing.

The day before, I had met with a producer from NBC who briefed me on what the week would entail.  We would shoot footage of my normal daily life for about a day and a half, and this would be used to supplement the story when it aired on Rock Center with Brian Williams.  Once that was out of the way, my wife Kristen and I would sit down with NBC’s Kate Snow—one of the most thoughtful people on the planet—and talk about Asperger Syndrome, how it affects me and many others, and the lengths to which Kristen and I have gone to rebuild our struggling marriage after we learned that I fit within the parameters of this relatively mild form of autism.

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