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Seeing the World Through Martin's Lens

This blog post is by Matt Ramirez who is happily married with two beautiful children. When not taking pictures, he manages the global instructional design team for a large bank.

I never expected that photography would be an activity that I would share with my 9-year-old son, Martin. Diagnosed in 2008 with Aspergers, he is usually more interested in video games than anything else.

When he asked me on a recent vacation to try taking a picture with my camera, I was thrilled. An avid photographer since age 10, I must have taken thousands of pictures of my kids and I saw this as an opportunity to share my passion with my son.

For Christmas last year, Martin got his camera and started taking pictures right away. I love the pictures he takes and wanted to start a blog to share with friends and family. Both Martin and I welcome you to view some of our pictures and share your comments at

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