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Aerosoles Teams Up with Autism Speaks

This blog post is by Wendy Morris an autism mom and a DC Walk Now for Autism Speaks Co-Chair.

Our son Jared was born a normal healthy baby, but by the time he was 2 ½, it was apparent that he had developmental delays.  After numerous doctors, therapists and other specialists, he was diagnosed with autism. In the beginning, we struggled with finding the right therapies, schools, diets and social outlets.  Moreover, we felt alone in the world without a connection to other similar families.  Autism Speaks provided us direct access to information about developments, a community to share experiences about autism therapies and programs, and a way in which to increase awareness and fund research to find a cure. 

Autism Speaks certainly has provided us with a supportive community, but we would be lost without the tremendous understanding and support of our extended family.  Jared’s grandfather, Richard J. Morris, is the Chief Financial Officer of Aerosoles.  We feel very fortunate that Aerosoles has so generously participated in the Walk Now for Autism Speaks for the last several years.  This latest program is yet another way in which Aerosoles will participate in funding autism research and awareness initiatives.  I can always use another pair or two of stylish, comfortable Aerosoles shoes!

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