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Lou Heads to Walmart

This blog post is by Lou Melgarejo, the father of three and whose eldest daughter is affected by autism. Lou was the recipient of the Autism Speaks 2011 Speak Out Award. You can find out more about Lou and his family on his blog Lou's Land.

As a family, we try to spend our money at places that support causes that are close to our heart. I had heard that Autism Speaks and Walmart had teamed together to sell a few Autism Speaks items in their back to school section. I had seen the display on the Autism Speaks website, so I knew what to look for. After a while, we found the display by the backpacks.

We normally buy our school supplies at another retailer. This year we are going to buy them at Walmart. I appreciate what Walmart is doing, and I feel like the more we in the autism community support companies that support us, the better. While our kids are too young for the cool Autism Speaks supplies, they make great gifts for teachers and therapists. The magnets are up on our fridge and if you have older kids they can put them up in their locker.

To be honest though, the majority of the Autism Speaks stuff we picked up was for us. We are proud of our little girl, so for us having the stationary at our workplace or using the pens is a subtle way to show that pride and perhaps even work as a conversation starter.

Thanks Walmart for helping out with a great cause. You gained a customer in my family.

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