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Calls to Action


This post is by Shelley Hendrix, Director, Grassroots Advocacy for Autism Speaks

This country’s democratic processes were founded on the people of our nation.  The more people involved in the voting process, the better.

Too often, I hear parents of children and adults with autism express their feelings of powerlessness because they are required to rail against every aspect of the system for the survival of their family.  We fight for acceptance, education, insurance coverage, research dollars, housing, meaningful jobs, adult services, independence and the safety and future of our children. We are exhausted. It makes my heart sink but I have never seen a community more determined to press on, to never give up.

We know we can’t afford to do that. We need to make sure that those outside of the autism community’s box understand that this fall.

On November 6th, America will go to the polls, casting their votes for the elected officials that will lead this country over the next two years. Autism is an urgent public health crisis and must be addressed as such. Our children are depending on us. There has never been another time, another election, so critical as the one that dawns a mere 88 days from today.  Our community must get involved. We must speak out to the candidates and ask them  questions. They must see and hear about autism at every town hall and stump spot along the campaign trail.

Over the next 88 days, Autism Votes will send out emails letting you know how you can get involved in your communities to make autism an unavoidable topic of conversation during this election season.

In the meantime, you can start changing that conversation today by committing to vote in the election on November  6th.  

If you aren’t already signed up for the Autism Votes program, please visit today.  Ask your friends and family to do the same. Get them involved for your child’s sake. Visit our Autism Votes Facebook page, share the countdown graphic and RSVP to get out and vote!

We have the power.

Activate. Participate. Vote.


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