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A Poem for Jacob

This video was submitted by Allison Duhon Hill, an Autism Speaks Walk Now for Autism Speaks volunteer, and mother of three children, one of which has autism.

My son, Jacob, was diagnosed with autism at a very early age. At first, the diagnosis was really scary for our family. There was so much that our family didn't know and understand about autism. There is still so much research needed. As a parent of three children, two not having autism, I knew that educating my other kids about Jacob's autism was crucial in keeping the family united. Our families are going to learn from and take something away from these experiences no matter what, so I wanted to encourage them to be actively seeking information about autism and to always be aware and compassionate towards other people that have disabilities or that are different. 

My daughter wrote this poem for her 2 year old brother, Jacob, who has autism. She said that she wanted to make a difference in the world of autism by raising money and spreading awareness. Jordan has such a compassionate heart for people with special needs.



To donate to Autism Speaks in Jacob's or Jordan's name please visit
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