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My Son - Update

Ana Arroyo, Scentsy Independent Consultant, grew up in New York City and resides in Westchester County, New York with her family. Ana was one of the many Scentsy consultants across North America who enthusiastically embraced the company’s campaign to raise funds for Autism Speaks through the sale of the Piece-by-Piece warmer.

I had written a short story about my son.  As you know, he went on to serve his country (Navy) and became a New York City Police Officer.  Since then, he has moved to Alabama with his wife and son (my first grandson).  Before leaving, my husband and I were concerned about our grandson and wanted to get him tested.  Well, to make a long story short, my son and his wife did take my grandson to see a doctor and were told that his has autism tendencies.  I saw this when they came to visit us this past Spring.  My grandson is very smart (he recognizes the letters of the alphabets [I had a plate with the word ARUBA on it and he actually spelled out the letters A R U B A, we were so proud of him], he can also count to 30).  One thing that we did notice was that he would stop in the middle of whatever he was doing and pretend he was writing something in the air.  He has recently come to say the words “Mom” and “Dad” (my grandson is 4 yrs old).  He still does not understand certain things and gets upset.  He also does not make eye contact when you are talking to him, so at times it feels that he is not listening.  All in all, my grandson will make it, because of my son and what he knows we went through to help him.  And as for my daughter-in-law, she was a daycare teacher, so she is very patient with him and his needs.

I also have a niece whose daughter (she is also 4 yrs old) was diagnosed with autism.

I presented my daughter-in-law with a “Piece by Piece” warmer that Scentsy was selling (cost $35.00 and the whole proceeds goes to Autism Speaks), to put in my grandson’s room.  It is a beautiful warmer and it is still available for anyone who wishes to purchase it.  If anyone is interested in purchasing this warmer, here is how to go about it:

Click here and find a Scentsy Consultant near you.  (You need to purchase it under a Scentsy Consultant, but it will be delivered to your address directly).  Once you find a Scentsy Consultant, go to the “Buy” tab and in a small box on the right hand side, type “Piece” or “Piece by Piece,” hit enter and the link will bring up the warmer and just follow the steps. 

I myself am a Scentsy Consultant and if you wish to purchase the warmer under my name you can type and you will see my picture (short salt/pepper hair, big smile) and go to the “Buy” tab and again, in small box on the right hand side, type “Piece” or “Piece by Piece” and you can purchase the warmer.

Remember, ALL of the proceeds from this warmer goes to Autism Speaks.  Last year Scentsy had raised over $500,000 for Autism Speaks and I was there when the check was presented.  I had a wonderful time.


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