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Calls to Action

Celebrate July 4th by Taking Action for Autism

“Liberty, taking the word in its concrete sense, consists in the ability to choose."
--Simone Weil

This year we will have the ability to choose who will serve as our President and who will represent us in Congress. The result of those choices could have profound effect on how we address our nation’s autism crisis. As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s 236th birthday, be thankful for your right to choose through the ballot box.

Exercise your right to vote by making informed choices. Follow what is happening in Washington and your state capitol with autism funding, insurance reform and the plight of our military families by watching for updates on  and Facebook.

Better yet, make the choice to get involved by signing up for Autism Votes here. We have enlisted over 135,000 autism advocates across the nation. You can join us too!

We’ll keep you informed of the latest developments important to you and periodically ask that you send your elected officials emails asking that they vote yes or no for a bill. Sometimes we’ll ask that you make a quick call to let them know how important their vote is to you and your loved one with autism. 

Have a great 4th and Happy Birthday to the United States of America!


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