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Brandon's Special Day with NASCAR

This post was sent in by Virginia, letting Autism Speaks know how amazing yesterday's FedEx400 Benefiting Autism Speaks NASCAR racing event was. Below is what Melissa posted on Facebook after she attended the event with her son Brandon and husband Peter. As you can see in the attached picture, it was priceless. 

"Well to say today was probably one of the best days in Brandons life would be an understatement. His request was to meet Nascar's flagman Rodney Wise but little did we know it was gonna be so much more. When we got here this morning Brandon met Jimmy Johnson, Jamie McMurrey, and Joe Gibbs. Then we were escorted to the start finish line to meet the flagman who is beyond describable. He took Brandon and made his ever wish come true. He started by letting him play with his flags then gave him his green flag and his checkered flag. He told him that sometimes when you wish hard enough you can get what you deserve. He proceeded to take us onto pit row where Brandon got to hang out at Juniors car and his pit box, they gave him some lug nuts out his tool box and a bottle of water out Jrs cooler. From there he got what we thought would never happen, Jr. came to meet Brandon and autographed his checkered flag but that wasn't the end. We went behind the starter introduction stand where he got to meet EVERY driver in todays race before they went up for introduction. He also met the staff and commentators from Fox and ESPN and Chris Allen from American Idol who sang the National Anthem. This is just the basics of the day. There we're pit crew members and every aspect of Nascar that we're involved in the day. We thought we would need a Uhaul to bring everything home. Thankful doesn't begin to express my happiness for him, he was to say the least overwelmed. By the time we left the flag man hugged the 3 of us and told us he loved us, it was an emotional day for everyone and one I hope Brandon keeps in his heart and mind forever."

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