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The 'Doctors Are In' Live Chat


Join us for our next "The Doctors Are In" webchat on Thursday June 7th, at 3 pm ET/noon PT.
Autism Speaks Head of Medical Research Joe Horrigan, M.D., a clinical child and adolescent psychiatrist, will be joined by guest hosts Dan Coury, M.D., medical director of Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network (ATN), and ATN Program Director Nancy Jones, Ph.D.
The special topic of our June chat will be the management of medical conditions associated with autism and this summer's Autism Speaks National Conference for Families and Professionals.
Drs. Horrigan, Coury and Jones welcome all your questions on the diagnosis, treatment and support of children and adults affected by autism spectrum disorders and associated medical and behavioral challenges.
To join the live chat or sign up in advance for a reminder, just click on the "Docs Are In" Chat Tab on the Autism Speaks Facebook page. You can also send questions in advance to

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