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An AutismCares Thank You

This letter is from Katherine, an AutismCares recipient 

Dear Autism Speaks Family, 

I want to thank you all so very much for your gracious grant donation to my family, Justin (10 autistic), Aaron (20 with brain cancer) and myself Katherine C. Davis (breast cancer). This gift could not have come at a more perfect time because Aaron is having brain surgery to retract the brain tumor on this upcoming Thursday. He is expected to be in the hospital for seven days and I will be caring for him during recovery! We have moved this month to Morgantown to be closer to the hospital. I have postponed my treatments of breast cancer until Aaron is stable and so far we have it planned in May. Justin, my dear 10 year old is in denial and refuses to speak the word and refusing to talk. I am homeschooling him through Seton Homeschooling, due to the change in school while trying to maintain as much stability as possible!!

I JUST CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!!!! Words are just not enough to express my gratefulness to you all for the grant! I would love to keep you updated as to how the family is doing. And because my brother lives in Manhattan I have promised Aaron when he is well enough, I will bring him to New York City! I would LOVE to stop by and thank you personally!!!!!!! T

TANK YOU FROM THE DAVIS FAMILY!! May God Bless you for your gift!


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