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Autism in the News - 05.09.12

Targeting child's play to help tackle autism (Fox News)
As efforts expand to diagnose autism earlier and more accurately, researchers also are striving to figure out ways to treat children as young as one year old. Read more.

Autistic Students Shine at Creative Arts Studio (Studio City)
For the students at Exceptional Minds Studio in Sherman Oaks, mastering the art seems to be the easy part. Read more.

Play Quietly—Autistic Children and Music (Greenbelt Patch)
Children on the Autism Spectrum often find it difficult to process information gathered through their senses to appropriately react to them. My oldest son, who is on the Autism Spectrum, has such a Sensory Processing Disorder and struggles with a sensitivity to noise that usually prevents him from enjoying music. Read more.

Terrified autistic teenager with the mental age of five left locked on school bus by driver (UK)
An autistic teenager with the mental age of five-year-old was left locked in a school bus alone for 45 minutes after a driver failed to notice that she was there. Read more.

Guilford superintendent plans autism program for the fall (Guilford, Conn)
Superintendent of Schools Paul Freeman has created an action plan to improve special education services and scheduled a pilot, in-district autism program for the fall. Read more.

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