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Go Social for a Healthier You and Benefit Autism Too

There are two things more precious than your time - your family and your health. Today we are launching an exciting new campaign to get the autism community active and focused on improving their physical and emotional health, because advocates and caregivers need their strength.

The campaign is part of a partnership we have with Audax Health, the creators of Careverge. Over the next two months we’ll be rolling out all sorts of content from health professionals and most importantly, we’ll be featuring you!

Join the campaign by clicking the link below – this will take you to a special Careverge landing page where you will have tools to help with your summer journey to better health, as well as a place to share support and connect with others in the campaign. As you’re getting the family active and tracking your activity in Careverge, send us your pictures, tell us what is motivating you, and let us know which health related topics you’d like to hear more about.

Remember, inspiration is contagious: if you’re getting healthy, you can inspire your friends and family to do so as well. Plus, everyone who participates by joining below will also generate a donation for autism research! Our goal is to inspire 50,000 people while generating a $50,000 donation.

So share the campaign with your friends and family and inspire someone close to you; ask them to join our campaign to Go Social for a Healthier You and Benefit Autism Too:

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