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Autism in the News - 04.30.12

Billy Joel praises 6-year-old Ethan Walmark playing ‘Piano Man’ (Washington Post)
It turns out Billy Joel has seen Ethan Walmark’s “Piano Man” performance, which went viral over the weekend, and the recording artist is impressed. Joel issued the following statement through a spokesperson Sunday: Read more.

Ten siblings support their autistic brother (CNN)
Matthew Allen's 10 brothers and sisters have grown up helping their parents take care of him. Read more.

Boyz II Men star Shawn Stockman on his son’s autism: ‘There’s no way a normal couple or a single mom could afford this’ (New York Daily News)
Boyz II Men singer Shawn Stockman knows how lucky he is.
The 39 year-old R&B star and his wife Sherhonda are the proud parents of three children, a toddler daughter and 9 year-old twin sons. Read more.

Are increases in autism rates in Utah, U.S. truly real? (The Salt Lake Tribune)
At age 9, Jack Wolfinger is on his fifth dinosaur encyclopedia. He can explain the lineage of raptors but doesn’t play with other kids at recess. He’s articulate but struggles to write down his thoughts or the answers to a test. Read more.

Verbal abuse of autistic student sparks calls for special ed reform (CherryHill, N.J.)
When harsh words flew in a classroom for autistic children here, the school employees who spoke them likely thought no one in authority would ever hear. Read more.

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