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In Their Own Words - Colors of Autism

"My name is Kelly Loftin. I teach special education at Southwest Laurens Elementary in Rentz, Georgia. My daughter is in 4th grade. Recently she was given an assignment to write a poem on a color. She asked her teacher if she could write about autism and her teacher, Laura Thomas, agreed. As a mom I am so very proud. As a special education teacher, I am touched that she has a "heart" and understanding for others. Although I was very proud upon reading it, I still had some questions. The first question was - "Did you write this on your own?" The answer was yes. Mrs. Thomas questioned - "What about the worm?" Lauren responded - "You know, it doesn't talk." I felt that this poem should be shared. I am so proud and feel that others could benefit from a 9-year old's wisdom."


I feel the green grass in my hair
And the limes in my ear.
Words I don't speak
Like a tree in the field.
The trees grow new leaves
Like I grow new thoughts.
A green worm on a leaf
who can't seem to talk.

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