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Autism in the News - 04.19.12

Around Dublin: School for autistic to conduct free screenings (Ireland)
A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control has found that an incredibly high one in every 88 children in the United States has been diagnosed with autism or an autism-like disorder. And the numbers, for whatever unknown reason, are rising. In fact, the most recent numbers are 23 percent higher than were found in 2006 and a remarkable 72 percent increase compared to just 10 years ago. Read more.

Insurance coverage for autism is law (Lansing, Mich.)
Legislation that will require insurance companies to offer coverage for autism treatment was signed into law Wednesday by Lt. Gov. Brian Calley while Gov. Rick Snyder was in Afghanistan. Calley has a daughter with autism and pushed the legislation. Read more.

News: Autism speaks at JB Charleston (Charleston, S.C.)
What many individuals consider routine or ordinary tasks can be very difficult for some. Social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication as well as repetitive behavior are just a few things individuals diagnosed with autism struggle with everyday. Read more.

Ask Dr. K: Biological father’s age may be one factor causing autism (The Daily Reflector)
Dear Dr. K: I am a 34-year-old woman married to a man more than 20 years my senior. Our first child, a son born four years ago, is autistic. I have heard that older fathers are more likely to have autistic children. Is this true? Read more.

Special Education Committee Hosts Autism Presentation (Westfield Patch)
Dr. Roseann Pagano Pizzi, a professor, psychology supervisor at Children's Specialized Hospital, and parent of a child with autism spectrum disorder, will lead the discussion. Read more.

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