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Autism in the News - 04.10.12

Autism research may be about to bear fruit (Fox News)
More than $1 billion has been spent over the past decade researching autism. In some ways, the search for its causes looks like a long-running fishing expedition, with a focus on everything from genetics to the age of the father, the weight of the mother, and how close a child lives to a freeway. Read more.

Autism research unraveling mysteries (Philadelphia, Penn.)
Nicole May sits in a dimly lit hospital room, cradling her 2-year-old son on her lap, rhythmically rocking him to sleep. She smiles into Nicholas' wide blue eyes, brushing back his soft brown curls. Read more

SENSE Theatre - A Stage of Hope for Children with Autism (Nashville, Tenn.)
April is Autism Awareness month and a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that the neurodevelopmental disorder impacting social interaction, communication and behavior affects an estimated 1 in 88 children and 1 in 54 boys in the United States. Amidst these disturbing statistics is an exciting program making audiences in Music City aware that there is hope for children with autism to shine! Read more.

Seeking autism’s causes: Researchers focus on genes, factors in mom’s pregnancy, pollutants (The Washington Post)
Some questions and answers about autism. Q: What causes autism? Read more.

Help for parents of children with Autism (Holyoke, Mass.)
Parents of children with Autism were given access to many different resources to help their children during the 22nd Annual Conference put on by Community Resources for People with Autism at the Log Cabin in Holyoke Tuesday morning. Read more.

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