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Making An Impact The Penn State Way

This post is written by Andrew Moses and Adam Dorfman, Penn State alumni and Autism Speaks U co-founders. Adam and Andrew started the inaugural Autism Speaks U 5K Race/3K Walk at Penn State.

People often talk about what it means to "be a Penn Stater." Being a "Penn Stater" means different things to different people and as many have often pointed out, you can be a Penn Stater even if you're not a student, an alumni, or a faculty member of Penn State University.  If you believe that together, communities can make an impact, you are a Penn Stater.  

While students at Penn State, we founded the inaugural Autism Speaks U event in 2006. We were inspired by what the community of Penn State and State College was capable of when we all came together around a single cause. After graduating from Penn State in 2007, we believed that we could still make an impact. We believed that the great work of the Penn State/State College community should serve as an inspiration to college students and university communities near and far as to what is possible when communities come together with a single cause in mind. 

Since founding the first Autism Speaks U event at Penn State, we have watched students at hundreds of colleges and universities across the U.S. and Canada follow Penn State's lead and unite to form one, powerful voice for the autism community. We are proud to report that this international movement, which was born in State College, PA at Penn State University, has now raised more than ONE MILLION dollars for Autism Speaks. 

On Saturday, April 14, Penn State University's dedicated and passionate student-leaders will host the 7th Annual Autism Speaks U 5K Race/3K Walk. This annual event which has raised more than $800,000 since its inception, truly represents the impact that college students and university communities can have on the broader community. It also represents who we are as a Penn State family. We are proud to be leading college communities in the fight against autism nationwide.  We are proud to be making an impact.  We Are...Penn State. 

To join Penn Staters, visit to participate and/or donate to the 7th Annual Autism Speaks U 5K Race/3K Walk on April 14, 2012.


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