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Autism in the News - 04.09.12

After $1B, experts see progress on autism's causes (Atlanta, Ga.)
More than $1 billion has been spent over the past decade searching for the causes of autism. In some ways, the research looks like a long-running fishing expedition, with a focus on everything from genetics to the age of the father, the weight of the mother, and how close a child lives to a freeway. Read more.

Autism may be linked to obesity during pregnancy (Chicago, Ill.)
Obesity during pregnancy may increase chances for having a child with autism, provocative new research suggests. Read more.

Behind autism: Genes? Pollutants? Mom's weight? (CBS News)
Some questions and answers about autism. Q: What causes autism? A: That's what researches are trying to figure out with a host of studies. The causes are believed to be complicated, and not necessarily the same for each child. Read more.

Rose farm helps adults with autism bloom (Guildford, Conn.)
Tom Pinchbeck never dreamed he'd turn his family rose farm into an employment center for people with autism. Read more.

Autism: Death, Fear and Hope (The Huffington Post)
An autistic child has been killed. Again. His name was Daniel Corby. He was 4 years old. The following is by no means a cohesive or complete list. Read more.

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