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Autism in the News - 04.02.12

Autism Awareness Day spotlights discrimination (CBS News)
Today, April 2nd, is World Autism Awareness Day. The United Nations recognizes today to spread awareness on the developmental disability that affects tens of millions of people worldwide and according to the Secretary-General, to put an end to the discrimination many people with an autism spectrum disorder face daily. Read more.

Autism awareness: College programs for students on the spectrum (CBS News)
Much of the media attention on autism focuses on children with the disorder, and early invention tactics that may lead to a better future for these kids. But what happens when these children grow into young adults? Read more.

What are top places to live for people with autism? (CBS News)
For children and adults with autism, where is the best place to live? For many Americans with a family member on the autism spectrum, the best place to live is where they can access different educational, medical and recreational resources without having to drive to another city or state. Read more.

Study Reveals The Social Justice Problem Of Autism (Huffington Post)
A child with autism is more likely to do well if his mother is white and educated. Read more.

Mother Wants Answers After Autistic Son is Struck by Police (Jonesville, Mich.)
Jonesville mother Kristen Kolodie is still livid."You do not hit an eight-year-old with a baton -- twice," she told News 10 on Friday. Read more.

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