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Autism in the News - 03.20.12

Understanding Why Autistic People May Reject Social Touch (TIME)
One of the hardest challenges for families facing autism is the problem of touch. Often, autistic children resist hugging and other types of physical contact, causing distress all around. Read more.

Assault case focuses on autism, enforcement (The Detroit News)
Felony charges against an autistic Jackson County teen accused of cutting two sheriff's deputies with a nail file have struck a chord with autism advocates in Michigan. Read more.

Living With Autism: You Are Not Alone (Huffington Post)
I am haunted by the headline: Mother killed 22-year-old autistic son, then herself. Read more.

Birthday raises autism awareness (Montgomery Advertiser)
As Forest Avenue Academic Magnet School fifth-grader Nyla Anna Nicole D’Jenel Harris made plans to celebrate her 11th birthday, the young girl who is known for being “wonderful and giving” knew months ago that she wanted to shine the spotlight on others.Read more.

Siblings and Autism (Technorati)
On Thursday, March 15th (the Ides of March) our school district held another seminar on autism. The topic this week dealt with the siblings of a child with autism, and how they deal with their situation. With more children being diagnosed with autism, and many within a family where several children are neuro-typical, it’s raised some questions on how these children feel about their sibling with autism taking more time and attention from their parents. Read more.

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