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Autism in the News - 03.14.12

Autistic girl, 9, fatally shot brother, 7, Arkansas police say (Little Rock, Ark.)
 A 9-year-old autistic girl fatally shot her 7-year-old brother at the family's Arkansas apartment while their parents were signing paperwork at a leasing office, police said Tuesday. Read more.

Breaking Studies Demonstrate Positive Benefits of Autistic Children & Adults Using Computers (Elk Grove, Ill.)
Recent studies by Nottingham University and Carnegie Mellon University have shown the enormous benefits and functionality that those in the autism spectrum experience when using computers. Belmont Technology provides a cost-effective way to employ computer use in homes and institutions that educate those in the autism spectrum. Read more.

Michigan Senate approves autism coverage proposals (

Michigan took a key step Tuesday toward joining a growing number of states requiring insurance coverage for autism. Read more.

Girl Says Autism Won't Stop Singing Career (Nashville, Tenn.)
It may be hard to believe at first, but Katie Chance didn't even speak until she was four years old. Read more.

After 5 months in psych ward, Jeff Paprocki has a place to call home (Woodward, Iowa)
This is what freedom means to Jeff Paprocki: When you’re hungry, you can go to Pizza Hut, pick out what you want from the buffet and sit at a table like anybody else. Read more.

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