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Autism in the News - 03.13.12

Free Autism Assessments (The Santa Barbara Independent)
I was very interested in your “Infant Intervention” article. I am familiar with the Koegels and their UCSB Autism Program and respect and admire their work. However, $2,000 is a large sum of money for families to pay whether or not their insurance pays for the assessment. Read more.

Parents’ Exposure to Solvents in the Workplace Could Be Linked to Autism (Psych Central)
Exposure to certain solvents in the workplace, such as lacquer, varnish and xylene, could be linked to a child’s autism. Read more.

Mother: Autistic son had to be hospitalized after alleged abuse by Redwood City teacher (San Mateo County Times)
Though a 5-year-old autistic boy from Redwood City had been vomiting several times a day for nearly a week last month -- leaving him dehydrated and hospitalized -- doctors couldn't find a physical explanation for his illness. Read more.

Autism coverage bills on Michigan Senate agenda (Lansing, Mich.)
The Michigan Senate is poised to debate bills aimed at requiring insurance companies to cover some types of treatment for autism. Read more.

Stroud to turn blue for autism awareness night (UK)
Homes, businesses and venues across Stroud will be lit up blue for an evening next month in aid of autism awareness. Read more.
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