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Calls to Action

7 Ways to Light Up Your College Campus Blue!

On Monday, April 2 iconic buildings, landmarks and schools across the country will Light It Up Blue in honor of World Autism Awareness Day. Below are 7 ideas to get your college/university involved! Remember to ask the school newspaper or photography club to take a few high resolution pictures of your efforts. For more information about our college program, visit the Autism Speaks U website.  

1. Light up a building on campus.

2. Decorate your school’s mascot or statue.

3. Illuminate your fraternity/sorority house or dorm room.

5. Plan a wear all blue day for students and faculty.

6. Table on campus and pass out awareness materials.

7. Host an event on campus or in the community. For event ideas, click here

Download our college Light It Up Blue handout for additional ideas. Make a difference on your college campus and get involved with Autism Speaks U

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