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A Note from AutismCares Recipients in Georgia

Here is a letter from one of our AutismCares recipients. AutismCares provides grants for individuals with autism spectrum disorders during times of crisis or unplanned hardships.

Thank you so very much for this award! I am blessed and so touched by your generosity! We were so blessed to be provided our rent last month, to keep us from being evicted but we have some other pressing needs that we could apply this to. It has been such a discouraging few months considering my husband has had several interviews but with the huge competition that exists, he hasn't secured a job yet. You have no idea what a relief this is for our family, as we have struggled tremendously over this past year and a half, just barely surviving. It is because of the gracious and wonderful people that make up organizations like yours that give people hope of a better tomorrow, in the midst of a terrifying storm.

I want everyone out there to know how much of a blessing this gift is to my family and that it is because of people like you, and those who come together and build an organization, that rebuilds a sense of community, support and understanding for those who've lost the "village" that was supposed to be there to help you rear your children.

Again, I have been blessed so deeply for your kindness and the support I didn't know my family had in time of crisis, you have kept a family from drowning! I can't say enough how comforted I am right now! Sincerely and God Bless, Anna, Seth and family.

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