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Autism in the News - 02.07.12

3-D technology helps autistic kids learn to read (Orlando Sentinel) A menagerie of virtual 3-D animals that swim, eat bugs and fly are building crucial reading skills in autistic children at Audubon Park Elementary in Orlando. Read more.

Autism advocates give learning plan failing grade (Canada) The provincial Education Department’s latest plan falls short when it comes to supporting autistic students, advocates of people with the developmental disorder say. Read more.

Editorial: Autism law requires remedy to meet original intention (Herald Dispatch) West Virginia's new law extending health care coverage to children with autism didn't turn out exactly as billed, and advocates for that new coverage are now seeking a fix. Read more.

Local Artists Among Developmental Disabilities Institute Art Exhibit (Three Village Patch) To commemorate 50 years of service, the Developmental Disabilities Institute will present an art gallery with work from people with autism and other developmental disabilities – including some from the Three Village community – on Thursday. Read more.

Birthday Parties Can Be a Real Zoo (Northbrook Patch) My son’s birthday is coming soon. Which means we have been thinking a lot about birthday parties. Read more.

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