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Autism in the News - 02.06.12

Revised Autism Definition Too Important to Rush Into Print: View (Bloomberg) When is a person just a little different, and when is his peculiarity a symptom of a disabling disorder? Read more.

Parents of autistic children hope to win coverage for care (Livingston Daily) Justin and Amie Giersdorf's plans for a second child were all but dashed in July when their son was diagnosed with autism — a disability they learned could cost them upward of $30,000 annually to have treated. Read more.

Autistic man struggles in Iowa's mental health system (Des Moines Register) Nobody in Iowa has a place for Jeff Paprocki. Since early October, Paprocki has been locked behind two sets of heavy wood and steel doors at a Des Moines hospital’s psychiatric ward. He hasn’t been outside a single time. He receives little therapy for his serious autism. He sees his family only every other Sunday, when they make the two-hour drive from Waterloo. Read more.

Autistic kids pad their knowledge (Gazette Times) Debra Redpath’s students in the Communications classroom at Liberty Elementary School have a new tool to process everything from math facts to conversation skills: 13 iPads, one for each student. Read more.

Babies born with either parent over 35 'at autism risk' (Deccan Herald) Here's an advice for young couples -- make sure you don't delay your progeny too much, for a study says that babies born with either parent over the age of 35 are a higher risk of suffering from autism. Read more. Autism Speaks’ daily blog “Autism in the News” is a mix of top news stories of the day. Autism Speaks does not vet the stories and the views contained therein do not necessarily reflect Autism Speaks beliefs or point of view.

The Autism Speaks blog features opinions from people throughout the autism community. Each blog represents the point of view of the author and does not necessarily reflect Autism Speaks' beliefs or point of view.