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Autism in the News - 02.03.12

Older parents more likely to have an autistic child, study finds (Fox News) Children born to a parent over age 35 are at greater risk for developing an autism spectrum disorder -- but the risk is the same whether just one or both parents are older, according to a new study of Danish families. Read more.

Proposed Changes to Sharon Autism Program Concern Parents (Sharon Patch) Fourteen Sharon families with autistic children say proposed changes to one program would lead to additional costs for services to students and staff. Read more.

Grand Valley State University seeks to help students with autism transition into the workforce (M Live) For the thousands of students from throughout Michigan who have autism, transitioning from school to the workforce can be a challenge. Read more.

Painting designed in Braselton will be U.N. stamp (Barrow Journal) The design is simple, but the intricate stories behind a piece of artwork created in Braselton include the heartbreaking and the uplifting. Read more.

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