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Autism in the News - 01.31.12

Virginia approves bill to provide insurance coverage for autistic children - again (Richmond, Va.) The Virginia General Assembly has passed a bill — again — to provide insurance coverage for families with autistic children. Read more.

Changing The Autism Spectrum (Carbondale, Ill.) Workers at a local center are applauding the decision to change what classifies as autism. The stricter criteria for diagnosing the disorder will likely mean fewer people are considered autistic. Read more.

Kids with Autism Drawn to Video Games (St. Louis, Mo.)  A new study by Paul Shattuck, PhD, assistant professor at the Brown School at Washington University in St. Louis, looks at how children with ASDs spend their “screen time.” Read more.

Autistic teenager attacked by robber in Northampton alleyway (UK) The mother of a teenage boy robbed at knife-point in Northampton has said the ordeal has left the whole family frightened to leave the house. Read more.

2012 Colgate Women’s Hockey Promotes Autism Awareness Project (Hamilton, N.Y.) The Colgate women’s hockey team will partner with Autism Speaks, ViewSonic and Goals for Good in its 2012 Autism Awareness Project. The Raiders will launch the 2012 project with their annual Light Up Starr Rink Blue event that will take place Feb. 3 in its ECAC Hockey matchup against Union at 7 p.m. Read more.

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