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Autism in the News - 01.17.12

Babies learn to speak by lip-reading, could offer autism  clues (MSNBC) For years, the conventional wisdom was that babies learned how to talk by listening to their parents. But a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that our little angels are using more than their ears to acquire language. They’re using their eyes, too, and are actually pretty good lip readers. Read more.

Autistic Teen Rescued at NM National Monument (ABC News) Search and rescue workers on Monday found an autistic teenager who had wandered away from his family during a weekend outing at White Sands National Monument and spent the night among the sand dunes with no food or water. Read more.

Autistic care gets boost (UK) Anyone who has seen Rain Man could be forgiven for thinking that every adult with autism is a genius at maths but socially awkward. Read more.
How Do You Explain Autism to Your Son? (Winnetka-Glencoe Patch) The book displayed caught my attention. My son and I were in the children’s section of the public library, just prior to the start of Hanukkah. Read more.
Helping Autistic Children With FindMe (148 Apps) I’m a big fan of apps that make people’s lives easier. All the better is an app that genuinely improves someone’s life, not just in terms of convenience but in terms of a significant and positive life change. Read more.
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