10 things parents of kids on the autism spectrum wish you knew

August 22, 2018


On Facebook, we asked parents what they want others to know about their children on the autism spectrum. Here are some their answers:

Just because they are nonverbal doesn’t mean they can’t hear and understand what is being said to them and around them. ~Donna R.

I hate the phrase 'He doesn't look like there is anything wrong with him.' Yes my son looks normal on the outside, but his brain doesn't process things like everyone else. ~Misty D.

I wish people understood that there is way more to these individuals than what you see. They are truly amazing with their own talents and a thinking process that is sometimes beyond what you can believe for anyone! ~Taleasa B.

Embrace their unique minds. They are amazing. Sherri G.

One child’s autism changes throughout their life. My son needs different supports and a different approach as a teen, than he did in grade school. ~Serese C.

It's not one fits all. I have two autistic boys and they are completely different. ~Amanda F. 

I'm so tired of explaining that autism doesn't have 'a look.' ~Jennifer W.

They’re allowed to experience the world too, on their own terms just like you’re NT child, so they can learn and grow as well. ~Liz G.

The spectrum is incredibly diverse! ~Andel W.

He's not behaving this way because he's bad or defiant. ~Tracey R.