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Texas Bill History


May 21: SB.1484 approved 147-0 by House; sent to Governor Rick Perry

May 20: House Calendars Committee moves SB.1484 to floor vote

May 14: SB.1484 voted out of House Insurance Committee 6-0; referred to House Calendars Committee

April 30: SB.1484 voted out of Senate 19-12 with amendments capping ABA at $36,000 annually for ages 10 and above; referred to House

April 23: SB.1484 voted out of Senate State Affairs Committee 

March 19: Autism Speaks endorses SB.1484, eliminating the age cap


January 1: HB 451 goes into effect


June 19: Governor Rick Perry signs enrolled version of HB.451 into law!

May 31: House and Senate pass Conference Committee amended version of HB.451. Bill sent to governor

May 30: Conference Committee files amended version of HB.451

May 29: House refuses to concur with Senate's amended version of HB.451; conference committee requested

May 28: Senate passes amended version of HB.451; bill returns to House for concurrence

May 23: Senate State Affairs Committee passes HB.451; bill moves to Senate floor

May 21: Senate State Affairs Committee holds hearing on HB.451

May 15: House passes HB.451 by 142 - 2; bill heads to Senate State Affairs Committee

May 5: House Insurance Committee passes amended version of HB.451; bill moves to House floor

April 14: House Insurance Committee holds hearing on HB.451

February 18: HB.451 referred to House Insurance Committee


December 19: Bill to raise age limit to 10 for autism insurance reform law, House Bill 451, introduced

January 1: HB.1919 goes into effect


June 15: Autism insurance reform bill, HB.1919, signed into law by Governor Perry