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New York Bill History


June 5: A.6963 voted out of Assembly Codes; referred to Assembly Ways & Means; approved and referred to Assembly Rules Committee
May 30: S.4862 voted out of Senate Finance Committee
May 21: A.6963 voted out of Assembly Higher Education; referred to Assembly Codes Committee
May 20: S.4862 amended in Senate Finance Committee

May 16: A.6963 amended in Assembly Higher Education Committee
May 7: S.4862 voted out of Senate Higher Education Committee; sent to Senate Finance Committee

April 26: ABA licensure bills, S.4862 and A.6963, introduced in Senate and Assembly


June 20:  S.7749 approved by Senate and Assembly

June 18: Governor Cuomo, legislative leaders reach agreement on compromise bill S.7749 to substitute for S.7400

May 16: S.7400 approved 56-0 by Senate; referred to Assembly

May 15: S.7400 released from Senate Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Committee

May 8: S.7400, Protection of People with Special Needs Act, introduced


Nov. 1: Governor Cuomo signs A.8512 into law, making New York the 29th state to enact autism insurance reform.

June 23: Assembly gives final legislative approval to bill.

June 22: Governor Cuomo, legislative leaders negotiate amendments. Senate approves chapter amendment  (A.8512)  version of bill. 

June 17: Assembly approves A.6305A by a 118-0 vote; S.4005A voted out of Senate 61-0. The legislation is sent to Governor Cuomo.

June 13: S.4005A voted out of Senate Finance Committee; referred to Senate Rules Committee. A.6305A voted out of Assembly Insurance Committee; referred to Assembly Ways and Means Committee.

June 8: S.4005 is amended to S.4005A; recommitted to Senate Finance Committee. A.6305 is amended to A.6305A and recomitted to Assembly Insurance Committee.

April 11: S.4005 voted out of Senate Insurance Committee; referred to Senate Finance Committee. 

March 11: Autism insurance bills introduced in Senate by Sen. Charles Fuschillo, Jr (R-8) and Assembly by Assemblyman Joseph Morelle (D-132.) A.6305/S.4005 are referred to the Insurance Committees in each chamber.

2010 Bill History

October 21, 2010: Governor Paterson vetoes the 2010 autism insurance reform bill. Legislative session ends without an override of the veto.

October 8: Autism insurance reform bill (A.10372A, S.7000B) formally heads to Governor Paterson's desk.  

June 21: A.10372A is passed unanimously by the Assembly. 

June 9: S.7000B is passed unanimously (61-0) by the Senate.  

June 2: S. 7000A passed by the Senate Codes Committee.  The bill is amended to S.7000B and heads to the Senate Finance Committee.

March 19: Autism insurance reform bill, A.10372, introduced in the Assembly, by Assemblyman Morelle. 

March 18: S.7000 amended.  Bill is now S.7000A.

March 4: Autism insurance reform bill, S. 7000, introduced in State Senate.

October 23, 2009: Senate Insurance Committee holds meeting on four introduced autism insurance reform bills (S.2366, S.6123, S.1175, and S.385). As a result of this meeting, Committee Chairman Breslin reached out to stakeholders in order to draft one comprehensive piece of legislation.