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Everybody likes a visual reinforcement system.  Using this app, you can let someone know what he's working for, how much work he needs to do, and how close he is to earning a reward for that work.  You can use this for lessons in school, chores at home, getting your children to eat their vegetables, and much more!  Start the app by selecting the number of tokens (1-5) your student must earn.  Then set up your student's reinforcer choice board by selecting 1-6 items from our pre-loaded symbol library or your own photo library.  To delete a picture from the teacher choice screen just press down on an image for 5 seconds.  Show the choice board to your student to select what to work for and then begin your lesson.  Each time a student earns a token, slide a token to the empty dot.  Once the student has earned all of his tokens, push the "cash in" button to show your student what he's earned!  The token board resets to start the next deal or you can create a new choice board for your student to select a new reinforcer. 

Behavioral Intervention
Functional Skills
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