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Scene & Heard

Scene & Heard is an award winning augmentative communication aid. You can use visual scenes for context based communication or create new learning aids with interactive features.  Whether you are a parent, therapist, or carer, the easy-to-use interface will help you import photos and allocate actions to any scene. Personalise each scene with fun and interactive options including audio messages, video clips and Widgit symbols. Use scene links to transition to a new scene and tell a story within the app.
Plus, Scene & Heard lets you create custom communication books to share and print! With easy to use tabs and all the features of a real book, this feature makes Scene & Heard a truly universal communication aid.  High tech and low tech AAC – all in one!
Scene & Heard is designed to cater for a range of needs, starting with simple single message based communication to sophisticated interlinking scenes with a range of interactive features. You can use it as an AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) tool for communicating basic needs or more complex ideas, or as an interactive and flexible learning tool – the choice is yours!

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