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:  After looking on the App Store for a basic, easy to use reminder app, it was clear there was a need for something simple and refined that could be used to remind our daughter what she needed before heading out the door.  As a former classroom and technology resource teacher, a chart or checklist designed for personalization is a staple for supporting childrens' organizational development.


- Checkpoint 9.2 | National Center On Universal Design for Learning: in order to develop effective self-regulatory skills, students must be exposed to varied strategies – reminders, models, checklists and so forth – that will help them to identify the coping mechanisms for managing the emotions that work best for them 


Ready2Go can serve many purposes including class teaching and student achievement. 


Parents can benefit from using this super simple app too!


This app is perfect for fostering:


- independence & responsibility,

- quick transitioning,

- communication to connect one another,

- organizational skills,

- planning skills,

- informed decision making, 

- intrinsic motivation, and

- seamless use of technology




- Use it with to help your child learn to organize the activities and checklists (it even helped me to better organize)

- Use it to organize any activity, big or small, to connect with your child.

- Use it as a review.

- Use it when transitioning between activities or classes.

- Use it just before you walk out the door to be Ready2Go for that activity.

- Use it to see your child's accomplishments.


Our family enjoyed creating this app and we hope you and the people you care about are just as enamored as we have been with watching the growth and motivation happen with our daughter. 

All Ages