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Paint My Cat

"In the cluttered app store, Paint My Cat is unique and executed in a really clever and fun fashion.” 
– Top Pick of

This is a whole new way to use your PC, phone or tablet and a completely unique experience! Color your cat and his playthings, them bring them to life in the world around you.

Use the extensive in-app painting palette to paint the artwork in the app directly on your device. As you paint on screen, the magic wand charges until, at full power, you can wave it to trigger a magical moment where your picture transforms from 2D into an amazing 3D character!

Once you have created your cat, play with him in his virtual playroom. Stroke and tickle him, and dress him up with special accessories you can customize from his closet. Play through the game to unlock other rooms, with more content to come soon.

Creative Arts
Windows 8
Preschool (2-5)
Children (6-12)
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