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Little Star Sleep Time Story

The Little Star Sleep Time Story App is an editable social story to create for your child using your own photos. Each story has the text preloaded to give you a guide of what to write in the story to help your child learn what’s expected at sleep time. You can change the text as you need and record your voice on each page so it can be read to your child. The App also comes with a comprehensive tip sheet to give you lots of helpful information on what to do before you start sleep training, during training and also how to keep it up.

Sleep problems effect more than a quarter of all children in early childhood and can have a negative impact on a child’s daytime behaviour and also their ability to concentrate and learn. Understandably it can also lead to family stress and take its toll on the parent-child relationship. These problems are also more common in children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), with reports of up to three quarters of this population experiencing some sort of sleep disturbance in the early years.

Behavioral Intervention
Preschool (2-5)
Children (6-12)
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