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iCan Toilet Training Program

The iCan Toilet Training Program is a comprehensive toilet training app based on decades of successful toilet training and education research.  The app provides the key elements for successful toilet training.

  1. Encourages children to initiate going to the bathroom and reminds them when to go using two schedule options: Early training with set intervals & Advanced training with child specific intervals
  2. Reminds children to go to the bathroom with audio, visual, and vibrating cues (on devices that vibrate)
  3. Includes engaging media that encourages children to wait on the toilet
  4. Rewards children for using the bathroom with fun games
  5. Provides reminders and supportive feedback for trying to use the bathroom
  6. Shows gender specific illustrations

The grant was developed through a U.S. Department of Education/National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research grant.

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