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i Get… Cooking

An app providing photo books for individuals that need supporting understanding things relative to the kitchen, including cooking and making recipes.

Photo vocabulary books that are included;

“Cooking Supplies”

“Cooking Actions”

“Kitchen Appliances”

The photo books offer endless teaching opportunities for speech and language development.   Add photos to the books within the app of items in your own kitchen to support learning from the environment or make your own custom books from scratch. 

In addition, a sample recipe book is included portraying the steps of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  A blank recipe book is included allowing the ability to create unlimited step-by-step photo recipe books.  All pages allow for personalized title, subtitle, photos and audio to be added, allowing the app to be used for a variety of purposes, including receptive identification and expressive labeling

A wonderful teaching tool for individuals learning their personal information for the first time and those with developmental delays such as language impairment, ADHD, auditory processing disorders, PDD-NOS, autism and down syndrome.

The multi-user feature allows for custom social skill stories to be made for different individuals within the same application

Share your books by emailing them to others as a PDF printable document or as a data file that can be opened in the same app on another person’s device.

Parents, teachers, SLP’s and other support professionals will appreciate the user-friendly design.

Check out a video tutorial here!

Social Skills
Functional Skills
Children (6-12)
Adolescents (13-17)
Adults (18+)
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