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Gubbio App – Visual Support, Daily Schedules and Activities for Autism and Special Education

Maximizing your autistic child’s independence.

Gubbio App is developed by special educators, therapists, and parents of autistic children. It uses visual support to help children on the spectrum better understand their parents’ messages.

*Give autistic children the experience of safety and success 
Gubbio provides visual support for parents’ messages for an effective communication. It helps children to structure time with daily schedules and promotes their independence with guidance to understand and carry out activities.

*Get everything organized 
Gubbio includes built-in templates for common situations. With its ready-to-use card sets and purposefully designed user interface, getting prepared for the next day has never been so easy.

*Use expert’s tools that your child will love
Gubbio is created on the basis of evidence-based methods and best practices from parents. Its high customizability and adorable, hand-drawn cards make sure that your child will love to use it – wherever on the spectrum.

CARD SETS: A built-in beginner set contains hundreds of unique, beautifully designed, hand-drawn picture cards in various categories. It covers almost every common situations an autistic child might face with. Additional categories and pictures may be supplied by users. 

DAILY SCHEDULES: Allows parents and caregivers to create an agenda of daily programs, tasks, and activities. These sequences are easy to follow and help autistic children to structure time. Past events can be removed from the schedules to provide a quick overview of the tasks ahead.

ACTIVITIES: These sequences of picture cards help children to break complex tasks (e.g. tooth brushing, hand washing etc.) to simple and understandable steps with visual support. Countdown timers can be assigned to each steps to illustrate the passage of time.



Functional Skills
Preschool (2-5)
Children (6-12)