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Calls to Action

First & Then

Use First & Then to encourage a child to complete an activity that they don’t particularly enjoy. The board uses photos to motivate the child to engage in a less preferred activity, knowing that a preferred activity (or a reward) will follow. The app allows the user to quickly and simply insert photos from the device’s camera or photo library, meaning that ‘First & Then’ boards can be made on-the-go and with little fuss. Alongside the board is a coloured visual timer to show the child how long they need to spend on an activity. As well as a digital display, the time is also represented by a coloured pie chart. When the pie is green, the child needs to keep going. When the pie turns amber, the child needs to get ready to finish. The pie turns red when it is time to stop the activity.The app also includes a ‘Finished box’. The child can drag the photo into this box when the activity is completed. 

Behavioral Intervention
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