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Expressions by EdNinja

The objective of the game is for the child to be able to recognize emotions through fun illustrations. Children will be presented with facial parts – eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth – with the goal of completing an expression that can be happiness, sadness, fear or anger. Some of the game features include:
a. Tutorials. User-friendly instructions that show the child how to play the game
b. Hints and clues. Every level offers hints on how to complete it, avoiding frustration and loss of interest
c. Time your exercises. In the app settings, you can set a time limit in each exercise
d. Rewards. After each exercise, your child will be rewarded, thus reinforcing his sense of security
e. Track your child’s progress. You will be able to see the number of attempts to complete a level per user.
f. English and Spanish supported.

Social Skills
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