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Build A Scare

How many arms will your monster have? How many Legs? Let's spin the wheel and find out!!!
The main purpose of this App is to create a unique 'Scare' (Monster). A spinning wheel is used to choose the number of arms, legs, eyes, noses, mouths and ears to place on your Scare's body. The child then places these body parts on to their Scare.
This App can be used to teach your child how to count and use their imagination to create their very own Scare. A new and unique Scare can be produced every time the App is played.
Just to make it even more fun we have included a Jigsaw Puzzle within the App as well. So after you have created your Scare you can turn it into a jigsaw. You can also use any picture or photo you like from your Camera Roll. We have an Easy difficulty setting for younger children and a Medium or Hard setting for older children and adults.

Creative Arts
Math Skills
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