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Autism Awareness

Detect early signs of autism, find nearby autism treatment centers and support groups. Explore Autism related books, journals, apps on Web, Youtube and other social media. Share with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Are you a concerned parent? Are you a medical professional searching for latest research on Autism? Are you following current developments on Autism, associate with local Autism support groups or looking for nearby Autism treatment centers? Or are you just curious about Autism? ... This App has something for everyone. 

Autism Awareness Features in App: 

* Helpful guide to everything related to Autism. Find out - What is Autism? How do you detect Autism? What are the types of Autism? What treatment options are available for Autism? 

* Find nearby Autism treatment centers - speech, behavioral, occupational, ADHD and ABA therapy - and connect with local support groups wherever you are in the world. 

* Autism news - Read local and global current news on Autism - any recent breakthroughs, latest research, etc. 

* Autism Resources on Web and social media - Top Autism websites, journals, books, publications, Apps, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - Everything is available on a tap! 

Just tap on "Autism on Youtube" to pull up latest Autism related videos, or tap on Autism on Pinterest to view the latest pins on Autism. Tap on Facebook pages to find out the most popular Facebook pages on Autism to connect with. Tap on Popular Tweets to find out and follow the most popular Twitter accounts to follow. 

* Understand Autism, detect early signs, read related journals, articles, publications and relevant current affairs on Autism 

The user can share interesting articles, information and any success stories with your friends and the greater community. Share information and success stories on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

All Ages
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